Tuesday, August 16, 2011

JanLokpal Bill

JanLokpal (or Citizens Ombudsman) Bill drafted four decades back could not get the approval till date deals with the anti-corruption against the govt. and has the right to drive the culprit into the court without any kind of government approval. It is an independent body working for maintaining the clean and safe environment.

I propose, this JanLokpal & the Lokayukta Bill can not be fruitful unless and until, people living in the country understands their rights and activities that provoke corruption. We can not make India corruption free just by drawing the policies on the Indian govt. or politicians as we are the only person who elects them and allows them to rule on us. First of all we as an Indian have to think & believe that we will not promote corruption of a single penny.

For eg. If I as an individual thinks to pay Rs. 20 to traffic police for not wearing halmet and in the same way if 130 crore people thinks not to wear halmet just by paying bribe of Rs. 20 then imagine we have promoted the black money of Rs. 2600 crore which is not a small amount. So I think we are only responsible for corruption activism and its branding.

So lets pledge today "will make India corruption free with the help of Lokpal bill and by making changes into ourselves".

Jai Hind...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Efficiency Doesn't Reduce Consumption It Increases It"

In this competitive technology driven society any organization or individual or creature can never hide efficiency along with consumption. You must be thinking why is it so? Just talk about electricity appliances, automobiles, telcos, engineering, or any sector everywhere efficiency is important. It is directly related to the ROI (Return on investment). ROI is not only related to organizations performance but also to Individuals scorecard. Companies emerge with the state-of-art technology for increasing the efficiency of operating systems or processess for the betterment of the human beings and the environment. However, at the same time we are getting accustomed to technology driven goods or services. The more efficient products are the more consumption is done. Let's understand How?
Considering the example of Refrigerator. Going 10 years back I argue, people used to say refrigerators are too costly and after the purchase, use to cry saying electricity bills touch the sky rocketing after using refrigerator so they stopped using it for 12 hrs .ie. usage is only during day time. Nonetheless, boost in technology leads to lowering of purchase price and low consumption of electricity which ultimately leads to increase in the sales of refrigerator vis -a -vis inch up in consumption. This way infinity examples can be quoted and the theme can be justified.
If you feel that the axiom proven by me is false...I warmly welcomes your suggestions with logical explanations.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Market Aberration

Most of you must be thinking, what is this Market Aberration? Some finance guys and many professionals certainly know about the ups and downs of this aberration which is ultimately a relation of yield curve. But then let me tell you the behavioural aspects of this yield curve. First of all what is yield curve? It is nothing but the relationship between the yield and the maturity. Generally it is seen that when a money is invested for a longer period of time a higher rate of interest is earned as compared to short term investment. This scenario is called Normal yield Curve. Suppose the situation is opposite. ie. if an investor gets higher return on short term investment as compared to long term treasury bonds then what will happen? This scenario is called Negative Yield Curve (NYC) Inverted Yield. It emphasises a lower interest rate in future leads to prediction of economy recession.
Now how Negative yield curve affects companies or an individual?
Lets say an investor wants housing loan. If the scenario is NYC then it means bank pays higher rate of deposits. Henceforth, lending rates would also be high so variable rate of interest will be high. This means individual has to pay more amount of money to the bank which is very difficult for everyone. In the same way if we consider the company then company has to pay to investors so the profit margin falls for the companies that borrow cash for short-term rates and lend for long-term rates. Thus NYC has a great impact on the overall economy. In NYC generally Fixed rate of interest are having a great attention as compared to variable rate of interest.
I hope all the MBA students will be benefitted from this article. If at all any change is required, Please post your comments. I heartily welcomes...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Travel by Air

Hello everyone...
Its' a great news for those who are thinking to travel by air atleast once in a life and also for those who travel frequently. As the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) regulator has made it clear to all the indian carriers to show route-wise and date-wise airfares on their websites by wednesday evening to ensure that flyres do not feel cheated by high ticket prices...
So hain na good news...why wait then? Let's enjoy the airlift...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

2G Spectrum Embezzlement

Hi Everybody.....
Every Fiscal year in our country is associated with the swindling acts either by government involved members, politicians, bureaucrats, industry leaders or experts. It's very often seen when no corruption activity is recorded in the financial year. Why it is so? Are our systems are not capable enough to handle a program without any fraudulent involvement of money. Hardly one game is over it is seen the next wall is ready for the criticism. A Raja the former minister of IT and communication is the another new benchmark of deceitful activity. As a minister he thinks as if dada of the whole system not ready to listen PMO, Finance Ministry, Law Ministry. What the fuck is this? How can he go for the beneficary of Unitech (currently known as Uninor) and SWAN Telecom. Eating with government but fixing meeting with dodgy players. He didn't consider the First come First-Served (FCFS) process in the allocation of the 2G Spectrum. He didn't considered the current market value of spectrum allocation inspite of finance ministry notice. How can he alter the last dates of application and How can he give the transmission of radio signals used by mobile operators to a company who is not having enough authorized capital for the starting of a company? A scam of Rs.1.76 lac crore is not a small amout. It's equivalent to the defence allocation for the year, almost more than thrice the amount contributed by the govt. on the educational upliftment, atleast 1/6 of the fiscal defecit expenditure and many more. How can A Raja forget the importance of this precious money allocation?
To my view he should be kept behind the bars throughout his life. So that other politicians should also learn a leasson from this hineous crime promoted by the renowned minister. The supreme court should pass an order of collection of all the lost revenue from A Raja and the companies who have got the approval of 2G spectrum allocation through fraudulent measures should be completely banned, send behind the bars for atleast 10 years and a fine of 50 lacs should be imposed on them.
This not only promotes tranparency in the system but also well-being of the whole public-private and individuals enhancement.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Dance for Gujarat

Festivals, the sign of long lasting relationship, a bondage of love, an alternative way for cheers and party time, commemmoration of opaque and blurred images with family & friends shares great eminence in everyones' life. Henceforth, if one talks about festival and forgets Navratri than it can not be tolerated at all. Yes, I am here focussing the Navrata, 9 day enjoyment with worship of BHAGWATI MAA DURGA, a statue of peace, wisdom, happiness and wealth. It's the time to Garba. The city begins celebrating its most awaited festivals of all. I must say if anyone visits Gujarat and remain in Gujarat during this festival and did not watch Garba then it's a complete mesh for him/her. Talking about Garba in Vadodara, must see United Way, Archee and currently latest one coming after 12 yrs, last but not the least of Sandesara group Maa Archee. Garba is not about just playing dandia raas or worship of MAA ADHISHAKTI, for many youths, it is a place more about mingling with the boy friend and girl friend and many other nuisance activities.
Whilst the garba has many advantages which can not be ignored, eve depicts more about the culture of a State or city, portrays the life style of the individual, different tastes of love in terms of food and tradition. However, I would like to raise a question in pordium, will Navratri be successful in maintaining its image during the long term period or it will shed off with time?
Please comment......

Friday, October 1, 2010

Do you Know?

Nirm0hi Akhara:
A group of Hindu ascetics who are devotees of none other than lord Rama, who have given up the material world for the company of their god called as sadhus.

Sunni Waqufs Board:
This is an elected legal body that oversees Sunni Islamic properties endowed for religious or charitable purposes. They supervises the properties of UP state where the town of Ayodhya is located.

Ram Lalla:
This refers to the Hindu idols placed in the central dome of the mosque, allegedly in 1949. This means ram as a baby or a young child. This is the main portion for the cause of 60 yrs demolition between Hindus and Muslims. Muslims wanted to remove it and Hindus wanted to protect it safely.

I hope these terms will help you all to analyze the Allahabad Highcourt Verdict Precisely.....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dedicated to my prdilection friends

Your presence is a chum,
Your absence is a chump,
Your smile is a ploy,
Your dressing is a flunk,
Your voice is a hymn,
Your looking is a lunar,
Your behaviour is a hyper,
Your style is a hunk,
Your existence is a pupa,
Your anger is a punch,
But to all this you all are my buffoon and a genial gem.

Friendship can not be partitioned, it is so divine
Friendship can not be disjoint, it needs patience
Friendship can not be normal, it requires desire
Friendship can not be sub-divided, it is unique
Friendship can not be mortal, it is forever
Friendship can not be simple, it requires promises
Friendship can not be identical, it is provenance
Friendship can not be symbolized, it is splendour
Friendship can not be stumble on, it is incantation
.....Thank You....

Friday, September 24, 2010

Unearth Hypocrisy of Indian Politics

Every Government comes and rules for 5 years or more and again shadow off with new government. What one should do if all the rights is given to an individual but the implementation part is not given to anybody. We very proudly say India is a democratic country where people have the right of freedom of speech under the legislation Right to Information Act, but how many people in this world are using this right and have awareness about their rights and duties. Here I am talking about the Delhi City, the Capital of India. Delhi the capital city but the people living in slums of Delhi have not collar their rights. Talk about the people living in Trilok Puri east delhi, Anna Nagar, between WHO office and the railway track. People living in this area since last 30 years have not fetch any help from the govt. everytime during the election, members of the election committee ask for the vote in return pledge to provide proper sanitation facility, 24 hrs electricity, pure drinking water, hygienic atmosphere for the small childrens, etc. However after the election no one bothers or takes pain to even visit atleast once in Anna nagar area. Let me throw direct question to the congress parth as they say we are working for the enhancement and growth of the poor community, than why deafning for these poor people? Run-of-the-mill deficiency of sanitation causes the death of hundreds of individuals on the railway track which is a very hineous act. It is just because govt. is not listening to the problems of destitute. Why it's so? What one should think about India? We say India stands 3rd in the GDP growth rate? Is this what we call growth? I urge you all to unite together for providing atleast some crummy to them.......

India can grow only if we as an individual amalgamate each other........Try to love every one on the earth. If a person can love a dog or mice than why not a man? Is dogs' life more worthier than man? I leave this question unanswered to you hoping that you all are the right decision makers and futures of this country?.........

I welcome your wonderful ideas and thoughts......so please post..

Momentous Issues

In the burgeoning crisis where every country is just trying to pull out their socks for the upliftment of the problems like poverty eradication, reaching millenium development goals, turmoil of immense population rise especially for India & the China, malnutrition of childens, global warming and many more, we can not hide ourselves with the burning issue of the rise in the freight activities. In this growing economy after the severe financial crisis 2008 now India has touched the GDP 7% is about to touch 8% - 9% within a year as per the latest report submitted by the finance minister in the house. The snowball of vehicles rise in the market day by day has not only increased the bottom line of the automobile industry, also had kept the government in a worry situation of managing the traffic movements. Now I think you all must have got the theme of this title. yes, it is Management of Traffic movements.

To me the controlling of emerging threat of increase in traffic is one of the biggest problem that India would face very soon. Time is not very far when everyone will be chocked up in the market for hours to travel just a few kilometres of distance. I know when I visited once in Ahmedabad It took almost 1.5 hours to travel from Geeta Mandir bus stand to Express way Highway. Also recently in Malaysis govt. has told that those who do not have parking availability have to park their vehicles in Garrage. Henceforth, it is one of the biggest problem that needs a great concern from every individuals of the country.

The alternative to this problem is we can ask the government to ban all the vehicles costing less than 3.5 lacs. This demotes the purchasing power of the individual as a result helps in suppressing the effect of global warming. Also it enhances the optimal utilization of fuel resources.
Another alternative is we can use the sea route for transportation but it will not sustain.
Last but not the least, all the individuals of the country have to understand their rights to traffic control movements. They have to understand when to use car & when not and how efficiently the vehicle should be used......

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

God is Great

people think that they are the one who can do what they want but they forget that if they are the creator of their destiny than they are the happiest person on this earth.